The right kind of vendors are key to a successful rally! RCT is a FREE event leaving our attendees cash in their pockets to spend within the economy. Usually, this means high vendor pricing, but not here! We are limited on space, so we may seem a little picky about the vendors we accept, but please understand, we are making efforts to bring a variety of vendors who will add to our attendee's experience, and we do not want to create an environment where we have a bunch of the same kind of vendor just to sell the space. The experience of our attendees is paramount for us, so the right vendors will find a home where they can do business at a fair price to our customers. There are a few rules we need to follow to keep everything flowing in the right direction which will have to be agreed upon. We look forward to seeing you at Rally Central Texas!!!


  • No alcohol or tobacco sales or giveaways of any kind permitted without the expressed permission from L & M Biker Rallies.

  • Rally set up is OCT 8, 2020 starting at 9 am. Must be set up by 4 pm and remain open during the duration of the rally official "open" hours as set by L & M Biker Rallies staff.

  • Tear down shall not occur until OCT 10, 2020 after normal rally operating hours.

  • Re-loading is done within a two hour time-frame before normal rally hours occur

  • No electricity is provided.

  • Vendors agree to abide by and and all State and Federal Laws including any licensing requirements and tax liabilities which may by imposed.

  • No merchandise using Rally Central Texas, or any derivative thereof is allowed without expressed permission from L & M Biker Rallies.

  • All vendors agree to work in a good faith effort with the managing staff (L & M Biker Rallies) during the event. L & M Biker Rallies, at it's sole discretion, has the right to remove any vendor who has been deemed unruly or uncooperative.

  • No vendor is officially registered until vendor receives acknowledgement and acceptance from L & M Biker Rallies and all vendor fees are paid in full.

  • The is a rain or shine event.

  • All vendors agree to HOLD HARMLESS, Rally Central Texas, L & M Biker Rallies, all employees, volunteers, agents, and/or contractors against any and all claims, civil or otherwise.


but no more than $500


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

We will contact you directly for payment and to answer any questions you may have.